an ep by Nobi

The tri cities native procures an interlude EP exploring new sounds and industrial textures that contain a resounding chaotic dissonance. Teaming up with Evngeo on the opener "Cloth of a King," Nobi sets the tone for a concise project hyper focused on high energy cadences over hard hitting instrumentals. 

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fulminate: (v) to explode or express extreme protest

Based on the experiences of growing up at odds with the system, 'fulminate.' is a testament to the challenges of institutionalized racism, and speaks to a society that capitalizes on oppression for the betterment of few. Debuting in June and now available on vinyl, Nobi's first solo record takes a bold step forward in defining the role of the talented artist and poet. 

-seattle times' Top 20 of 2020 Critics Poll

-RMR Freshest of the Northwest 2020

-Seattle Times' Top 15 Local Albums of 2020, So Far

-Featured on "In Community, By Community," A documentary on restorative justice presented by the Seahawks

-1889 Magazine Top PNW Albums of 2020


collaborations 2020

"With a title like "Jenny Durkan, Resign in Disgrace", it's pretty obvious Seattle artist Left at London (real name: Nat Puff) does not mince words. And in the verses of today's Song of the Day, she teams up with guest rapper Nobi to sing:

Fuck you,
and the slavers that you work for
This song’s
For the people you killed"


"Do You See Us

Left At London feat Nobi



Perry Porter feat OldMilk, Nobi, Mr Hentvii, Mistadc

Perry Porter and Old Milk enlist the services of Nobi, Mr Hentvii and Mistadc to form an all star collaboration over 808 heavy production. 

Opening with trading verses Perry and Nobi trade bars giving way to a modern sounding MistaDC, leaving the listener little time to prepare for yet another polished feature verse from the talented Mr Hentvii


"Moments & Therapy" 

Yel feat Nobi, MistaDC

Yel and Nobi collab on this family affair, produced by Topp with a guest appearance by MistaDC. Jazzy sparse notes give way to reflections by the brother and sister on Yel's debut EP.



Livt feat Nobi


Livt feat Nobi, Perry Porter, JAGA, Old Milk



a collection of thoughts


Visuals by Gerde Got It